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This Reporter's Notebook
December 15, 2016
#1: Make Old Media Great Again

NEW YORK—While speaking to a journalism class at Stony Brook University last week, I asked the students how many were regular Wall Street Journal readers.

No one raised a hand.

To be sure, it was a class of 27, so I won’t pretend it was a scientific study. But it’s worth noting a majority were journalism majors, which makes them a very specific segment of a generation—one that SHOULD be Journal readers, even if none of their peers are. This would have been unthinkable 15 years ago when I was in college.

Before we cut to the familiar rant over how “people these days” don’t value good journalism, let’s think this through. As WaPo’s Mike Rosenwald argues in his recent piece in the Columbia Journalism Review, declining print readership does not mean print is doomed yet, or that it ever has to be doomed….

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