Rio Faces Surge Violence in Slums

A surge of violence in Rio de Janeiro’s slums since the World Cup ended last week is testing the government’s efforts to bring order and stability to the city.

In the latest of a series of daily incidents in Complexo do Alemão, a sprawling group of slums, or favelas, police said they shot and killed an 18-year-old suspected gunman after officers came under attack. More shooting broke out on Monday, residents said.

With the world’s eyes fixed on Brazil during the monthlong soccer tournament, police had avoided large-scale battles in the favelas, even as tensions had been building, residents said. But the number of shootouts have surged since the games ended on July 13, police and residents said.

“You can hear the shooting at all hours of the day. People have died. This is worse than it’s ever been,” said Noemi Souza, 26 years old, who grew up in Complexo do Alemão and frequently visits her mother there. “My mom is desperate, she won’t leave the house…. My children are terrified to visit her.”

More here.


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