img_5178Welcome to my website! I’m Loretta Chao, a freelance writer and multimedia creator specializing in human sexuality.

Though we don’t always talk about it, sex is deeply embedded in the foundation of our lives and the economy. From the multi-
billion dollar sex industry itself, to healthcare, public policy, technology, religion,
education, commerce—you name it—it’s hard to find a corner of society that isn’t touched by sex.

My background is in journalism. I was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal for many years, covering business, technology, China and Brazil, which required an open-minded and objective approach to complex industries, economies and
cultures. I specialized in identifying the stories on any given topic that were most important to tell, in a way that was accessible to readers and viewers across the globe.

That’s also the view I take of sex, the biggest story that isn’t (yet) covered objectively and thoroughly, at least not commensurate with its role in our everyday lives. So I created this website to bring you the latest news related to sex, from other writers and by me, and to facilitate honest and open discussion about everything related to it.

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